Clearwater 3/4 Day Fishing Charter

clearwater 3-4 day charterA six hour adventure, our Clearwater ¾ Day Fishing Charters depart from our docks in Clearwater.

An extra two hours makes a big difference in the amount of fish that you can catch. Our Clearwater fishing captains have the time needed to move around a little more and chase fish farther offshore if needed. A perfect solution for those who feel our Clearwater half day fishing charters are too short and our full day charters too long, we typically choose our Clearwater ¾ day fishing charter for ourselves when we go fishing.

Our Clearwater fishing charters are located extremely close to the best fishing areas. The few minutes it takes us to get there take us past some of the most beautiful waterfront real estate, where multi-million dollar yachts are parked in their docks. With six hours at our disposal, we are able to tour the city and explore the waterways. Clearwater is stunning and we highly recommend this. If you are interested then we will be thrilled to include a short scenic city route into your Clearwater ¾ day fishing charter.

We think it is a real shame to miss out on the big fish when they are biting, which is why we are very clear about what is included in our ¾ day fishing charter. The boat, the fuel, the captain, the mate, frozen bait, lures and all the fishing equipment that you will need to catch fish is already onboard. There is no need to bring anything with you to catch fish. However, we do not include live bait and we do recommend it depending on the fish we are targeting. This is what many fishing charter operators in Clearwater are secretive about. We will always let you know ahead of time if we think that using live bait will increase your chances of catching your dream fish. You are welcome to say no. If you would like to use it then we will provide it for you and add the cost of it onto your ¾ day fishing charter in Clearwater.

Whatever you catch is yours to keep (or release if you prefer). Many of the fish that we catch on our Clearwater ¾ day fishing charters are delicious and we suggest taking them home for dinner. Our fishing crews will clean, fillet and package them for you into zip lock bags for easier transportation and storage. There are several quality seafood restaurants in Clearwater that specialize in turning your catch into the ultimate taste delight. Their expert chefs will do this for you with pride, and their set prices include side dishes – which are cheaper than ordering anything on their menus.

Contact us to book your Clearwater ¾ Day Fishing Charter and explore the life in the ocean.