Clearwater Tuna Fishing

clearwater tuna fishing

Catching tuna in Clearwater is possibly the most popular fishing charter that we offer. There are a few good reasons to explain why our Clearwater fishing charter customers request tuna so often. These amazing fish represent challenge, exhilaration, reward and adventure – and they do not disappoint. Not only our clients, but our Clearwater fishing captains favor tuna fishing too. We strongly recommend the experience of catching tuna for any angler.

Off the coast of Clearwater, tuna thrive and are found in abundance. Yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna are the most common varieties caught in the area. Incredibly powerful and fast fish, all anglers with tuna on their lines are in for an exhilarating fight. Recorded swimming underwater at speeds nearing 40mph hour, tuna have aerodynamic bodies perfectly designed for catching small fish. Our Clearwater fishing charters catch tuna while kite fishing or trolling both frozen bait and live bait, and when a tuna takes it you are guaranteed to feel it – and even hear it.

Everybody knows just how delicious tuna are. The popularity of blackfin tuna, bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna has risen with the increased demand for sushi world-wide. A bluefin tuna once sold in Japan for $400 000, ensuring that tuna fishing has become a profitable industry for commercial fishermen.

A common question that our Clearwater tuna fishing clients ask is if they can eat their catch on the boat. In truth, tuna fresh from the sea is extremely tasty but eating them on the boat is disastrously messy. Our Clearwater fishing crews much prefer to clean, fillet and package them into zip lock bags for you once we are off the boat.

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