Clearwater Tarpon Fishing

clearwater tarpon fishing

Iconic fish in Clearwater, tarpon are popular because of their incredible fighting spirit. Known to leap, jump, flip and roll in an effort to be free of our lines, these powerful fish are truly awesome. Your best chance of catching a tarpon lies in staying inshore on rivers, canals and ocean inlets – which is why Clearwater is one of the best places to catch tarpon.

Tarpon are so exhilarating that many fishing charter operators in Clearwater focus exclusively on catching them. All our Clearwater fishing captains and crews specialize in catching tarpon and their knowledge will be shared with every angler onboard. Some of them even have their own secret tarpon hunting grounds, which is sure to give you a real advantage when targeting these magnificent fish in Clearwater.

Tarpon can be caught on any rod or reel. You can use light tackle on small boats or even heavier tackle on large boats. Our Clearwater fishing charters regularly accommodate such requests. We must warn you against using low-quality equipment because tarpon are phenomenally strong. They are known to overpower cheap rods and reels with regularity in Clearwater.

In Clearwater, we catch tarpon throughout the year. Common in the Atlantic Ocean, these large fish populate the entire eastern coastline of the United States. However, their numbers increase dramatically during winter and spring when they migrate south in winter to in an attempt to escape the colder waters of the north.

Our Clearwater fishing charters strongly recommend using live bait to catch tarpon, even though they can be caught on frozen bait, lures and artificial baits as well. We know that live crabs, shrimps and pilchards produce the best results and will increase your chances of catching these magnificent beasts in Clearwater.

Tarpon are true monsters of the sea. Our Clearwater fishing charters catch tarpon ranging from five feet to seven feet in length. They are known to grow into eight foot long giants and they frequently weigh as much as 250lbs. Tarpon are beautiful fish. Shiny scales cover their entire bodies and they are tinged with stunning blue and green hues.

Call us now to book your Clearwater Tarpon Fishing Charter and be awed by their sheer power.