Clearwater Shark Fishing

clearwater shark fishingSharks migrate into Clearwater by the millions every year. These incredible animals are at the top of the ocean's food chain and catching them is a thrill that words cannot describe with justice. Wrangling with these creatures is an extremely popular activity in the area, and some of the best shark fishing in Florida occurs in Clearwater.

We are experts at shark fishing. The most commonly caught sharks in Clearwater are bull sharks, mako sharks and hammerhead sharks – but there are many shark species in the waters off the coast and it is possible to catch any of them. Our Clearwater fishing charters know exactly how to catch them and more importantly, where to find them. Most of the sharks we catch are found a mile or two offshore. This is fantastic news for all of our fishing charters in Clearwater because we do not need to travel overly far to catch them successfully.

Below is some information on the most frequently caught sharks in Clearwater, which should help you to catch them:

Clearwater Thresher Sharks

Thresher sharks have very long tails that look like a farming device (called a Thresher) that is used to separate grain from stalks – and is the reason for their name. Found farther offshore in waters extending to depths of around 1 500ft, thresher sharks are awesome and magnificent sharks. Weighing more than a ton when fully grown, the thresher sharks that we catch in Clearwater tend to be smaller than that. Our Clearwater fishing charters use squid to catch thresher sharks because they cannot resist it. Their natural diet consists of smaller pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel.

Clearwater Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks owe their name to their distinctly hammer-shaped heads. They also have smaller mouths than other shark species. Ranging in size, hammerhead sharks have been known to weigh as much as a ton – but those we catch in Clearwater usually weigh a few hundred pounds or more. Our Clearwater fishing charters go bottom fishing to catch hammerhead sharks because they do most of their hunting near the ocean floor. These sharks are interesting because they hunt alone a tnight yet congregate in schools during the day.

Clearwater Mako Sharks

Catching mako sharks in Clearwater is becoming increasingly difficult. We always release any mako sharks that we catch – safely and unharmed – because they have steadily declining populations and are considered an endangered species. Among the fastest sharks in the oceans, mako sharks are known to reach speeds nearing 50mph. This makes the exhilaration of catching a mako shark particularly exciting.

Clearwater Bull Sharks

Our Clearwater fishing charters are not afraid of sharks, but we always approach bull sharks with caution. Highly aggressive sharks by nature, bull sharks are attracted to very shallow waters where people are found. This accounts for their rather bad reputation. Bull sharks are truly interesting sharks because they can survive in freshwater just as well as in saltwater. This ability allows them to travel upstream via rivers, canals and ocean inlets in their search for prey. Fish, turtles and birds make up the common diet of bull sharks, but they will certainly eat anything that they come across. They are also intensely territorial and hunt alone. Clearwater divers have documented the same bull sharks living in wrecks and reefs for years at a time. These phenomenal sharks are gigantic and are known to exceed a ton in weight when fully grown, but those we catch in Clearwater usually do not weigh more than 500lbs.

Fishing for sharks in Clearwater is an extraordinary challenge. Sharks are fantastically powerful and they are really fast. The correct equipment and tackle is needed, as well as a captain with vast shark fishing expertise. You will have a big advantage on our Clearwater fishing charters because all our boats have tournament grade equipment onboard, and our fishing captains and crews all specialize in catching sharks in Clearwater.

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