Clearwater Sailfish Fishing

clearwater sailfish fishing

Sailfish in Clearwater are among the most beautiful fish caught off the coast. Elongated bodies, giant fins and stunning blue, black and silver colors make them highly sought after by anglers. Sailfish are also an enormous challenge and particularly exhilarating to catch. These are the reasons why fishing for sailfish in Clearwater is such a popular activity.

Sailfish swim in schools. This means that when you see one there are always others nearby. Our Clearwater fishing charters regularly have several sailfish on our lines at one time - and they are known to leap and jump high out of the water in a spectacular display of color and agility. With several on our lines jumping together, our breath is taken away. This is the moment that our Clearwater fishing captains, crews and clients all live for. It is also the reason that so many billfish tournaments are held each year in Clearwater and the surrounding areas – and has cemented Clearwater's reputation as having some of the best sailfish fishing in the world. If you bring a camera onboard, you will have the chance to capture this moment with awesome sailfish photographs.

Fishing for sailfish in Clearwater is a local favorite. Sailfish are extremely cunning, and catching these fantastic predators requires a captain with a great deal of experience and expertise. Special equipment is necessary and technique is of paramount importance. Sailfish understand exactly how their prey moves in the water and you will not catch a sailfish in Clearwater without thoroughly deceiving them. Our Clearwater fishing charters use live bait to catch these magnificent creatures and we use two techniques that have proven the most successful:

  • Kite fishing in Clearwater can be a little complicated. Live bait is attached to very long lines which are suspended temporarily from a kite. The kite is then flown behind the boat and this movement keeps the bait near the surface of the water – causing the effect of a fish truly panicking. Larger predators lurking below (such as the sailfish) cannot resist this. When they take our bait then the line is designed to break free from the kite so that your sailfish can be reeled in.
  • Dredge fishing in Clearwater is an extremely successful technique. An umbrella-shaped device (called a Dredge) is trolled through the water with multiple live baits attached. This is so effective because it fools the sailfish into thinking there is a school of fish swimming by. Instinctively, predators will always attack a school of fish in order to ensure they catch one.

Sailfish are named after their giant dorsal fins which look exactly like the sail from a sailboat. These "sails" can be raised and lowered at will which discourage spredators and disorients their prey. Sailfish also have the unique ability to change their colors. This works extremely well in confusing their prey. These are only a few aspects of the sailfish that make them such successful predators. They are also able to swim underwater at incredible speeds of 70mph – making them one of the fastest fish in the ocean.

Our Clearwater fishing charters catch sailfish regularly weighing over 200lbs and as long as ten feet in length. These truly awesome fish are an experience that we do not recommend missing out on in Clearwater - and we strongly suggest any angler looking for adventure try their hand at catching sailfish.

Call us now to book your Clearwater Sailfish Fishing Charter and be thrilled by their sheer magnificence.