Large Group Fishing Charters

We are very experienced with accommodating large groups of people on our Clearwater fishing charters. If your group is large, then we can arrange to use multiple boats to take everyone out onto the water to catch fish. We can even use one larger boat. There are dozens of boats in our Clearwater fishing fleet so it does not matter how many people are in your group – we can transport them all easily.

Groups that wish to remain together can charter one of our Clearwater head boats, or party boats. These boats are taken out onto the water and their engines are switched off. Everyone can throw their lines into the sea and catch fish. This is called drift fishing and is very exciting. However, the experience on one of these boats is very different to that of our smaller sportfish boats. Due to the fact that the boat is drifting in the water, you are unlikely to catch any of the most exhilarating and thrilling fish in Clearwater (such as sailfish, swordfish, tuna and mahi-mahi). Special techniques and equipment are required to catch them and they are impossible and impractical to implement while the boat is drifting in the water. The ability to move around makes all the difference.

We advise splitting large groups into smaller ones and going out on our sportfish boats. This is the most adventurous and exciting option because we can target the best fish. We have numerous activities on offer that will create a feeling of togetherness and ensure the group remains as one. In fact, they are extremely popular on our Clearwater teambuilding, corporate entertaining and convention fishing charters. The most requested activity is our mini fishing tournament. The goal is to catch the most fish, the biggest fish or a specific species of fish. The rules are customizable and can be changed to suit your large group requirements. The boats are in constant radio contact which ensures that each group knows exactly what is happening with the others and ensures a really strong competition.

Large groups in Clearwater can go out on any number of our fishing boats, but if your group or event requires everyone to keep together then we will arrange the perfect drifting fishing charter for you in Clearwater.

Contact us to book your Clearwater Large Group Fishing Charter and have a unique group adventure.