Clearwater Conventions

clearwater conventions

For conventions in Clearwater, we are the fishing charter of choice. Able to serve groups of any and all sizes due to the dozens of boats in our Clearwater fishing fleet, most other fishing charter companies cannot offer this with only one boat.

For Clearwater conventions, we offer a variety of special charters. Our most popular is definitely our mini fishing tournament which involves participants competing from different boats against each other - to catch the most fish, the biggest fish or a particular type of fish. This is a fantastic teambuilding activity and people bond really well through the unique adventure. The rules can be customized to suit your convention goals.

Convention organizers in Clearwater are extremely busy. There are so many aspects to oversee and not enough time. We can save their time so that they can focus on other things by taking care of everything relating to your convention fishing charter. Catering and transportation can be arranged by us, as well as anything else you would like to include in your Clearwater fishing charter.

Most of Clearwater's convention and event venues are located extremely close to our fishing charters. Hotels and resorts are also conveniently nearby. In fact, most of them are within walking distance of our docks Clearwater.

Call us now to book your Clearwater Convention Fishing Charter and thrill your group on the ocean.